The Albinism Project

Albinism is a congenital disorder characterized by the complete or partial absence of pigment in the skin, hair and eyes. It is associated with several vision defects, sunburn and skin cancers. Albinism affects people of all ethnic backgrounds with a frequency of one in 17,000 worldwide. It has one of the highest rates of incidence in the descent of sub-Saharan African people. Those afflicted with albinism are generally as healthy as the rest of the population with a normal growth and development. Albinism does not cause mortality, at the least if you don’t live in Africa, where they often must face social and cultural discrimination and persecutions.


In Africa Albinism is a cause of discrimination. Here children with albinism experience alienation, have scarce social interactions and are emotionally unstable. Furthermore, albinos have difficulties completing a proper education, finding employment and even a partner for life. Due to ridiculous beliefs regarding people with albinism In African countries there has been a rise in witchcraft-related killings of people with albinism,because their body parts are used in potions sold by witchdoctors. In the last years kidnapings, murders and dismemberment of albino children, boys and

women was reported in many of these countries. Another threat is due to the rapes against the women with albinism. It is in fact believed that sex with a womenwith albinism will cure a man of HIV.

The Albinism Project

The Albinism Project aims to inform the public about the problems of people with albinism in Africa. They are so many unique issues about these people in Africa compared to their counterparts in developed countries. The project, through impact photos and text will tell the plightof the African communities in the main countries where they are located: Tanzania, Malawi, Mali, Uganda, Kenya.

Our Goal

Stories and photos of this project will be published in a book and an exhibition that will be exposed in the main cities in Europe will be produced.

With The Albinism Project we want to inform people in Europe to support those with albinism in Africa to allow them to have a better life and to lure Governments to make laws against the ritual sacrifice and other inhumane practices.

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