Elizabeth was sold from a woman that helped her for some years after the death of Elizabeth’s mother. The woman sold Elizabeth to a violent man that has imprisoned her in a big house outside Kampala. Elizabeth has been raped and beaten several times during her “marriage” with this man. From this relation she had 3 children. During the last pregnancy, they were at home watching a TV reportage about the people with albinism in Tanzania. The journalist explained what happen in Tanzania with witchdoctors that kidnap people with Albinism for rituals and that an albino body was payed a lot of dollars. In This moment the man understood the business and Elizabeth understood that it was the time to escape. Some weeks after the delivery of the third child, people from Tanzania arrived to Elizabeth’s home introduced to her as her “husband’s” friends. They were carrying big bags and when Elizabeth secretly searched in the bags she found surgery instruments, organs and blood containers, machete and other instruments. Elizabeth was miraculously able to to found a shelter and to escape the day after with her 3 children, after an intense and violent attack by her husband angry for the lost business. www.thealbinoproject.com

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