Bordoll is the first German brothel with dolls. People use to come at Brothel to have sex with dolls that have dimensions as a real woman. Dolls are available for several needs as extreme sex or normal performances. Bordoll is run by Evelyn Schwarz that opened the house one year ago. It is the first in Europe opened at the same time with the dolls brothel of Barcellona. In Europe doll brothels are 3, Dortmund, Barcellona and Paris. At Bordoll 30 minutes with a doll costs 50€, 1 hour 80€. People come at Bordoll from the entire Germany but also from Belgium, Holland, Italy. When the local internationally renewed soccer team, Borussia Dortmund has a local match, the number of clients increases as well the incomes. Bordoll is attended from about 10/15 clients per day. It is also a normal sex house, where Evelyn and other colleagues work from monday till Sunday from 10 am till 10 pm. Evelyn says that 60% of people prefer to stay with dolls and 40% with women. The reason is the price and the fear to as a woman to have particular sexual needs.

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